Community Resource Room Technology Lab Addresses the Digital Divide

Although we are living in times of mass technological innovation and social change, the fact still remains that a digital divide exists between those who can afford tech tools and those who can not. An estimated 100 million Americans do not have Internet access at home, says the Huffington Post. In California alone, 64 percent of households earning less than $15,000 per year do not own a computer compared to 34 percent of all California’s households.

Here at the Women’s Building, we are trying to address this digital gap through our free bilingual technology services assisting low-income women. Our Technology Lab provides a space to access new computers, the Internet, and receive tech assistance so that women are able to effectively carry out job searches and apply for jobs online. We provide one-on-one (drop-in and by-appointment) assistance to help teach women how to set up and use email, the Internet, and Skype; how to conduct a job search, set up an online profile, and upload photos. Starting March 13th, we will be providing computer classes twice a week to teach basic computer skills.

Furthermore, we are excited about partnering with other tech labs and organizations like and their digital literacy campaign for women! More news on this partnership to come soon!

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