Crafting A Celebration

Garden ArtThis Veteran’s Day weekend, the Celebration of Craftswomen will be celebrating 35 years of women’s arts and crafts. The Celebration of Craftswomen, a fundraiser for The Women’s Building, started out in the late 1970’s as a small group of women showing their wares at Old Wive’s Tales Bookstore on Valencia Street.  Gone are the pink triangle buttons but this show still rests on the women-centered values of empowerment and community action.   Watch our new video documentary by Christiana Bartolomey about the Celebration of Craftswomen, which features Founder, Judy Stone, The Women’s Building Development Director, Tatjana Loh, and Metal Artist, Aimee Golant.  Celebration of Craftswomen Video (scroll down)

MusicianChocolate Please join us at the 35th Celebration of Craftswomen where you will experience all women created and produced fabric arts, fun and fancy jewelry, goddess shaped soaps, exquisite chocolates, provocative fine art, distinctive ceramics, and more.   And don’t forget the food and entertainment! Some who go to our fundraiser don’t realize that they are supporting the programs of The Women’s Building.  For most, this annual event is one of the many decisions that are made toward creating a world that honors women, supports community and nourishes a sense of possibility.  Thank you for supporting our annual fundraiser. We’ll see you at the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason.

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