We are a vibrant multi-service community center that welcomes all women and girls and anyone who shares our mission. We offer a wide variety of programs and opportunities so that women and girls can follow their dreams. 

We focus on services for women and girls because women and girls still face unique social, personal and political barriers as they strive to lead safe, healthy, economically secure, creative and joyous lives.

The Women’s Building is non-partisan and does not endorse any political candidates.

The Women’s Building is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-service center for women and girls. Our mission is to provide women and girls with the tools and resources they need to achieve full and equal participation in society.
Services and programs to empower women and girls to become self-sufficient. Thousands of women and girls use our social services and those of our in-house organizations, attend our arts activities and learn and discuss issues at our political/social issues briefings. 

A home to other nonprofits.
We share our building with other nonprofits serving women and girls.

A community center which facilitates and promotes education, advocacy and action. Community groups and individuals use our classrooms, auditorium and meetings rooms for activities such as political organizing meetings, celebrations, arts performances and exercise.

What You Can Do
Organize a meeting or a celebration at The Women’s Building!
Consider renting space in our beautiful historic building!

Please visit us at: http://womensbuilding.org/content/

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