Voting Action and Resources 2012

As election day fast approaches, we are encouraging all of our friends and followers to take action! There are several ways you can do so!

1. Prepare to vote by reading up on local measures and propositions. Voting Guides and resources are helpful and several are provided below.

2. VOTE on November 6th or vote early.

3. Spread the word (in-person and via social media) about voting and voting resources to friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors.

4. Report any problems with the election system to Election Protection.

Are there others that we’ve missed? Please feel free to add to this list in the comments section.

The future of our state and country is up to us to decide. Make your vote count! Vote November 6th!

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Stir-Fried Tacos? Asian+Latin@ cuisine

As you bite into your lomo saltado, history is the last thing on your mind. Lomo Saltado is a Peruvian dish made up of strips of sirloin steak marinated in vinegar, soy sauce and spices, stir fried with red onions, parsley and tomatoes. It is a cross-cultural dish with a story. A look at the ingredients makes apparent Peru’s rich history of Chinese immigration to the country which led to the creation of a delicious Chinese Peruvian fusion.

This Sunday, The Women’s Building is excited to host in our space the Asian Culinary Forum’s Asian + Latino@ 2012 Symposium: Exploring Asian and Latin American Cross-Cultural Foods and Experiences. The Asian Culinary Forum fosters the exploration and enjoyment of Asian foods from around the world by connecting and sharing the stories, recipes, traditions and innovations of these diverse communities. This year’s forum focuses on Asian and Latin@ dishes.
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Hands to the Sky

Rigoberta Menchu Tum towers at the top of The Women’s Building’s MaestraPeace Mural.  Her hands face upward, holding two figures of the Mestizo spiritual identity.  In one hand, Coyolxauhqui the representation of the moon, breaks from the traditional dismembered image to stand whole. On the other, Yemaya splashes as the embodiment of the ocean and fertility.  Over the last three years of working at the Women’s Building, I’ve stopped to gaze at this image of Rigoberta Menchu Tum located on the east side of the building. Not only to admire her beauty and strong spiritual presence, but to remember her commitment to the Mayan community in Guatemala.  She actively led indigenous resistance against military repression, even after the violent murder of her father, brother, and mother.
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MaestraPeace Mural Restoration featured in the Fog City Journal

Thanks to Fog City Journal for this write-up detailing the fundraising and restoration process of MaestraPeace and featuring words from the artists themselves.

Women’s Strife Upheld in Mural Restoration
By Peter Hernandez

August 1, 2012

The iconic and historic “Maestrapeace” mural that adorns the Women’s Building in San Francisco’s Mission District will soon be restored to its original glory, thanks in large part to a recent surge in grant funding from the City and County of San Francisco and SF Beautiful.

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Aging as Queer People of Color: Activists Needed

The Department of Health and Human Resources sets the poverty line at $10,890. However, if you are queer, of color, and aging in one of the top 5 cities with the highest cost of living, affordable housing, health care, food and medicine may not be the only concerns.  Supervisor, Christina Olague, emphasizes that it is critical for LGBTQ seniors to be able to age in San Francisco, the place where LGBTQ people can truly be themselves, tipping a hat to the recognizable acceptance of gay culture in our colorful city.
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The Women’s Building Receives City Grant to Keep San Francisco Beautiful

The Women’s Building is proud to announce that we have received a Community Challenge City Grant from Mayor Lee to go towards the restoration of our MaestraPeace mural! We were chosen along with 27 other award recipients to further our work in keeping San Francisco neighborhoods green and beautiful.

“Community Challenge Grants allow the City to partner with our diverse communities to make immediate improvements to our public spaces,” said Mayor Lee. “We are inspired by these twenty-eight innovative projects that will bring neighbors together to keep the City beautiful and make real, long-term investments in our neighborhoods.”
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The Women’s Building Urges Congress to Pass the Violence Against Women Act Protecting ALL Victims

Negotiations between the Senate and House on the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) have come to a halt since House Republicans passed a version of the bill that left out protections for LGBT, Native American and immigrant victims of violence. Senate Democrats pushed to pass their version of the bill Tuesday which included protections for these victims.

The Women’s Building supports a final VAWA that serves ALL victims and contains NO rollbacks to the current VAWA. We urge a bill that includes Senate language providing Native American, LGBT and immigrant protections. The Women’s Building has joined other groups in supporting a national 10 days of action to tell Congress that they must get VAWA moving before they go on their July 4th vacation. Please act with us to demand that Congress send a real VAWA to the President to sign with all of the inclusive provisions in S. 1925 before the summer’s end.

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