Tax Prep Program

Did You Miss An Easy Refund?
Our Tax Prep Clients Got It!

Did You Know That…?
Over 600,000 Bay Area tax-filers are eligible for an Earned Income Tax Credit when they get their taxes done.

This EITC (Earn Income Tax Credit) can be up to $5,891 per family.

20-25% of these tax filers DON’T get this and other tax credits.

Why not?

  • They didn’t know they were eligible,
  • The tax forms can be hard to fill out
  • They have difficulty with the language.

How about paying for a tax-preparer?
This can cost $200 to $300, and for families earning less than $51,000, they can’t afford this service.

Even if someone goes to a commercial preparer and gets an “instant refund”, they are taking a loan out on their own money, usually paying 300% interest.

What do we do about this?
As part of the Earn It! Keep It! Save It! coalition, this year we again provided free tax prep so that low-income working people could get the refunds they’re entitled to.  This year, you could use our service if you earned less than $51,000.

AND, we e-filed tax returns so that a client’s refund was directly deposited into their bank account in 7-10 days.

Who used our Tax Prep Program?

  • 494 clients came this year, and
  • Over 70% are employed:
    • 44% work full-time and another 30% work part-time

$22,202 – was the Average Adjusted Gross Income of all the clients, with 40% earning less than $20,000!

74% are women
About 25% of our clients have children
71% of our clients are between the 25 and 54 years old.

We’re proud to help so many hard-working women, men and families get a total of over $400,000 in tax refunds!  And we were able to do it because of our dedicated and trained volunteers and staff.

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