One Billion Rising And The Violence Against Women Act


Enough Is Enough!

In response to atrocious conditions of women (and others), One Billion Rising is kicking off a dancing REVOLUTION, this February 14th!

 The idea of One Billion Rising started in August 2012 by Eve Ensler, V-Day creator.  She was working with women surviving extreme gender violence in the Congo when she decided to take a stand against  US Rep. Todd Akin’s remark on “legitimate rape”. According to Todd “pregnancy rarely occurs from legitimate rape.” Hey Todd did you know that one out of every three women in the world will be raped or beaten in her lifetime? How legitimate is that?  That is one billion around the WORLD! And to the Republican Cathrynn Brown of New Mexico who recently introduced a bill that would charge a survivor of rape with a third-degree felony for for tampering with evidence, in other words for CHOOSING. This year, ONE BILLION will RISE.

 This Valentine’s Day join all the women, men and gender queer folks in 196 countries in rising in joy as we say no to violence against women. And for those of you who would like to not only shake your hips, let’s make homemade eco-friendly valentines to those Senators who will be voting soon on The Violence Against Women Act. We can all support the renewal of our own country’s Violence Against Women Act and the expanded protection for Native American women, (a provision that would allow American Indian women assaulted on reservations by non-Indians to go to tribal courts, which have no jurisdiction over assailants who do not live on Indian land), gays, lesbians, transgender people.  For more information, please visit the sites below.                                           

Support VAWA as it goes up for the vote in the house!                                               

Factsheet: The Violence Against Women Act

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2 Responses to One Billion Rising And The Violence Against Women Act

  1. iamjustinkase32 says:

    I feel it’s absolutely ludicrous that the GOP is lobbying against this completely non-controversial act, I guess equal protection only applies to old White men.

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