Volunteer Profile – Zach Intemann

Zach has been volunteering in the Community Resource Room (CRR) since September 2011. He is a fixture of our Job Search program, assisting primarily Spanish-speaking women and men with their resumes and other employment needs, as well as, making referrals to connect people with the resources they need to get ahead. He describes CRR visitors arriving for the first time as, “normally having a look of nervousness or frustration. I do my best to help and as the meeting progresses, they become more comfortable. By the end…they leave with a smile or look of optimism”.

As a male volunteer at The Women’s Building, Zach says, “I didn’t know what to expect when I first started. All I knew was that the CRR was a perfect place to volunteer. I think that working in The Women’s Building has offered some perspectives that I would not have gained elsewhere.”

Not only is Zach a reliable presence in the CRR every Friday but he helped prepare people’s taxes every Saturday as part of our VITA tax program. When attending the tax prep trainings together this January (on four bright and early weekend mornings), he always had a positive attitude and smile on his face.  “The most rewarding part of volunteering in the CRR is when someone is genuinely grateful and happy for receiving help,” he says.

When not at The Women’s Building, Zach is a full-time graduate student at the University of San Francisco where he studies International Development and Economics. Zach will be leaving us this summer to conduct interviews in El Salvador for 2 months. We will miss him as we immensely appreciate his amazing assistance in two of our most successful programs!

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