“Mothering the Movement: the Story of the San Francisco Women’s Building” Book Release Party

Come celebrate the publication of Mothering the Movement, the Story of the San Francisco Women’s Building by Sushawn Robb.

The book is a tribute to the hard work and vision of the dozens of courageous women that brought the San Francisco Women’s Centers to life – and then bought a building as a home for the women’s movement.

For more information about the book and how to purchase it, go to sushawn.com.  The book is available now online, including Kindle and e-book version, or ask your favorite bookstore to order it for you.

The book includes the full script of the play She Rises Like a Building to the Sky, by Mercilee Jenkins, dramatizing the first years of buying and operating the building.  An excerpt of the play will be presented at a reading as part of the afternoon program.

So join us for some theater, drinks, snacks and informal reminiscing with those who were there and others who wish they were.

Saturday, May 12, 3PM
The San Francisco Women’s Building
3543 18th Street

No reservation needed, but we’d love to know if you plan to attend. RSVP through the webpage for the book or directly to sushawn11@yahoo.com

Event sponsored by the San Francisco Women’s Building History Committee.
Watercolor by Liz O’Brien

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