Words from the South Asian Sisters

South Asian Sisters are very pleased to be joining forces with The Women’s Building of San Francisco and not just because it is a much-needed community resource that empowers women and girls.

After holding two sold-out shows here last year for our 7th production of Yoni Ki Baat we knew we wanted to return to The Women’s Building again… it just feels poetically correct that we hold our production — a show which draws on the experiences of a specific women of color’s community, and which underlines female empowerment — right here in The Women’s Building of San Francisco.

Also, as a woman that has lived in the neighborhood for over 8 years now, I walk past this historic building almost every day, look up at the mural and am inspired by the images of powerful women it depicts. It’s certainly a San Francisco treasure… an institution that serves women and girls yes, but also the community at large, housing some excellent organizations that myself and other South Asian Sisters have worked with independently of Yoni Ki Baat (eg. SF WARGirl Ventures…).

The SAS collective is proud to be assisting The Women’s Building in their mission to restore the inspiring and beautiful mural that adorns this wonderful edifice.”

–South Asian Sister, Neshma Friend (aka Micropixie)

To purchase tickets to the 8th SF production of Yoni Ki Baat, please click here.

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