South Asian Sisters Collective Puts Diverse South Asian Women’s Voices On Stage

The South Asian Sisters Collective is a San Francisco-based women’s group who created and organizes the annual play, Yoni Ki Baat, highlighting South Asian women’s diverse experiences.

South Asian Sisters is composed of a diverse group of South Asian women who are committed to empowering their community through art, dialogue, strategic alliances, and  political action. The play, Yoni Ki Baat (“Talks of the Vagina”),  created with inspiration from Eve Ensler’s, Vagina Monologues, has become a cultural movement empowering South Asian women across the country.

Yoni Ki Baat was inspired in 2003 during a South Asian Sisters discussion of the Vagina Monologues and the question was posed: why not produce a South Asian version? Yoni Ki Baat was thus birthed using the VM’s as its starting point; distinct, however, in the stories it tells each year and the voices that speak–South Asian first and second generation immigrant women. Stories from previous shows have included, How My Yoni Smells Like Curry where a young woman worries that because her mom cooks such spicy food, she will smell like curry and therefore be unappealing to the opposite sex. Another past story dealt with the issue of skin color and broke down the stereotype that fair equals lovely. And another told the story of a woman in a lesbian relationship wanting to become a mother, struggling to explain to her family her desire and ability to be one yet finding it difficult to physically become one.

To learn more about this hilarious and provocative play, please check out this podcast interview with one of the founder’s of South Asian Sisters, Vandana Makker. Also, don’t miss out on its upcoming performance at the Women’s Building. South Asian Sisters has donated a Preview Performance of Yoni Ki Baat to benefit the Women’s Building’s Mural Restoration Campaign. This special fundraising event will be held on Friday, March 30th at 7pm, so please purchase your ticket today here before it sells out! Come at 5:30 for a delicious, organic dinner from Kasa Indian’s food truck, enjoy a wine bar, bake sale, a special performance by Micropixie, and fabulous raffle prizes.

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2 Responses to South Asian Sisters Collective Puts Diverse South Asian Women’s Voices On Stage

  1. Ann says:

    Hello!Does the ticket for the event/show include dinner and drinks? Thank you!

  2. Hi Ann, dinner and drinks are separate. Hope you can join us!

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