A Farewell and a Welcoming: The Women of TWB Community Resource Room

(Community Resource Room Coordinators pictured from left to right: Andrea Frey, Kyle Kubas, Melissa Aguilar, Claudia Huenchuleo)

We at The Women’s Building (TWB) would like to publicly give thanks and say farewell to one of our Coordinators at the Community Resource Room (CRR). Andrea Frey did a wonderful job of helping to run the CRR, a busy community space in TWB, where she helped hundreds of Mission District residents save thousands of dollars through TWB Vita Tax Preparation Program and supported many others with the daunting task of job hunting. Reflecting on her work, Andrea says:

“Life in the CRR could be hectic, a bit loud, and always extremely busy, and so it often became easy to overlook how much we (Claudia, Melissa, the volunteers and I) had accomplished. But there were moments when a client would look you in the eyes and tell you just how much they appreciated what you’ve done for them and how you helped them and it is times like these that everything in the CRR slows down, and I understood exactly why I was there, doing the work that I did.”

We will miss Andrea as she moves on to work at UCSF/UC Hastings Consortium to work at the intersection of law, science and health policy with the goal of going on to law school to study Global Women’s Health Law. We wish her much success in her new endeavors and know that she will do well in her continued work advocating for the rights of women!

And as we say farewell, we welcome our new CRR Coordinator, Kyle Kubas.

Kyle, a Bay Area native, spent much of her teenage years hanging out in the Mission District and has spent time in Santiago, Chile where she taught English to students who were often the first in their families to attend a higher learning institution. She has a background in survey research and database management and is looking forward to using these skills to find ways of giving even more people access to TWB services and programs. She says:

“I think that the experience of Latin American immigrants is integral to the California identity because they have done so much for the economy and culture that its only fair that they have the resources as much as are available. I appreciate the resources that are provided at TWB for Latina women to engage with their community… What is both humbling and exciting about working here is that we can always be doing better. There’s always a better way to give people access.”

We are excited about bringing Kyle on board and we look forward to developing our programs further to continue fitting the needs of the Mission District community!

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