TWB Recruiting New Board Members

The Women’s Building (TWB) is looking for three new Board members to begin this September. They will join a Board who ensures that TWB has the vision and resources to implement its mission of helping women and girls fulfill their dreams. By providing important tools and resources, TWB supports women and girls in achieving full and equal participation in society.

To carry out its new three-year strategic plan, TWB is looking for women of all ages with experience serving on other Boards, and in social justice movements, equity-driven policy work, or community organizing. Women with experience in fundraising, marketing and finance are also welcomed. Women of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

Current board member, Katherine Roubos, describes board membership as an enjoyable and rewarding way to contribute to the community. As someone who has had much experience on various non-profit boards, Katherine describes TWB board as effective, fun, and a great way to translate a skill set in order to have a huge impact on the organization and make a difference in the local community. “You can indirectly touch ten thousand women’s lives.”

Katherine adds, “Being a member of TWB board is a good opportunity for those seeking professional development, leadership, facilitation, and project management skills. It is also a great experience for those who already have these skills and who are excited about contributing to women and girls empowerment in a meaningful way.”

Board member, Jovida Ross, came to TWB board four years ago with the desire to give back and this year she is excited about having completed the strategic planning process, which aims to re-envision the direction that TWB will take over the next three years. Ross feels a great sense of accomplishment with the new vision of TWB whose goal is to create a stronger and more explicit connection to social justice in its programming.

Lotte Vester, a newer board member of TWB, joined in May and had admired the building in her neighborhood. “I was always fascinated by the murals and I liked TWB mission because it’s something that I care about. I was raised by my mother who was the breadwinner and during my career I always had female mentors so I think it’s very important to give women and girls the same opportunities as men because they can do great things in leadership positions or management positions.”

If you are also committed to impacting the lives of women and girls and are interested in learning more about being a board member for TWB or would like to apply, please contact Lynn Chen at

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