The Women’s Building Staff Appreciation Celebration

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TWB recently came together to celebrate and appreciate its staff, all of whom we would like to publicly thank for all of their hard work and dedication to keeping the large muraled building running. Without its dedicated staff, TWB would not be able to maintain clean and safe community spaces for other local organizations to hold events, provide much-needed services to the local Mission District community, or provide the resources and services to help women and girls achieve full and equal participation in society.

We give much thanks and appreciation to our wonderful staff, Kelly Lockwood, Tatjana Loh, Teresa Mejia, Noemi Zulberti, Orquidia Gomez, Claudia Huenchuleo, Francis Ruiz, Daisy Isarraras, Tamara Orozco, Heather Brandt, Andrea Frey, Jeff McClelland, Pedro Familia, Alison Brazel, Adriana Peralta, Laura Cuellar, and Myrna Aguilar! We would also like to give a big thanks to the following local businesses for donating to our festive celebration! THANK YOU!

Mission Bicycle Company                   Borderland Books

Mission Creek Café                              Weston Wear Store

Dog Eared Books                                  Back to the Pictures

Encantada                                              Therapy (Clothing)

Serendipity                                            Five and Diamond

Ritual Coffee                                          Boogaloos

Valencia Cyclery                                   Paxton Gate

Yoga Tree                                              BiRite

18 Reasons                                            Cut Loose

Black and Blue                                     FSC Barber

The Roxie                                             The Lexington

Duc Loi                                                 Rainbow Grocery


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